Diesel Service - Stabilisation du carburant - Les additifs de Diesel Service représentent un cocktail de vitamines qui préserve votre carburant stocké des microbes et accroit la performance de vos groupes électrogènes.

Fuel Cleaning additives represent a cocktail of vitamins which preserves your stored fuel from microbes and increases performance in your generator.

The stored diesel is continually threatened

Over time, diesel is contaminated by rust, colloidal carbon and other solid particles. In addition, diesel can be contaminated by water. The risk increases all the more when this relates to 7% (B7) or 15% (B15) biodiesel.

While Diesel Defence refining units eliminate bacteria which have reached a significant size, Fuel Cleaning additives for fuel act directly to kill miniscule bacteria and neutralise the ingredients which these bacteria need to develop.

ADV Energiser

ADV Energiser is a detergent agent used by the ClearTank cleaning process. If your tanks have been contaminated by a break in the tank or a bad-quality delivery, they will be cleaned with ADV Energiser.

ADV Regulator

ADV Regulator isolates the water present in biodiesel. By enveloping the water molecules, ADV Regulator removes bacteria and microbes, which need water to multiply, from the biodiesel. Adding ADV Regulator to your fuel slows down microbial growth, thus reducing the costs linked to replacing filters.

ADV Predator

Deliveries of contaminated fuel regularly cause a peak in microbial activity. ADV Predator suppresses this activity, before it seals refining-unit filters, without calling on the ClearTank service.

Air traps

The most common source of prolonged contamination by water is surprising: air.

Differences in temperature between night and day produce an inhalation and expiration phenomenon and let humid air into your fuel. As biodiesel is hygroscopic (it attracts water), it absorbs this humidity.

Air traps eliminate air humidity by entering during the inhalation cycle. During the expiration cycle, the air crosses the air trap, which flushes out humidity from the filter.

To receive detailed information about Fuel Cleaning’s stabilisation products, please contact one of our specialized advisors.