Diesel Services - Notre programme - Traitement du diesel - Ouvriers au travail

Made up of four parts, the Diesel Service fuel-treatment programme presents the simplest and most economical method to obtain clean and reliable fuel.

A quick search online displays a large number of companies, which will test your stored fuel, or even clean it or sell you a refining unit. However, if you are looking for a supplier which will manage all of this as part of a complete and professional treatment programme, only a single choice remains: Diesel Service.

We know that your goal is simple: to have a generator that you can count on. You want to be sure that, in the event of a problem, your generator will take over, whatever happens.

Through its fuel-treatment programme, Diesel Service removes all of your concerns linked to diesel storage. It also guarantees the quality fuel which you need for your emergency electrical system.


Regular tests carried out by Diesel Service will alert you in the event of problems caused by the presence of water or particles (bacteria, fungi, rust etc.) in your fuel. Also, they will enable you to pinpoint problems linked to storage tanks.


ClearTank is an onsite fuel-treatment technique. It allows you to completely eliminate the various types of contamination present in the fuel, but also on the inside walls of the storage tank. In addition to its relatively-low cost, this technique has the huge benefit of not having to drain the contaminated fuel. Consequently, this allows the fuel to be cleaned, while keeping the generator ready to start up.


Mobile and fixed Diesel Defence fuel refining units keep the fuel clean, dry and ready to supply your emergency generator.


ADV additives neutralise miniscule water molecules and contaminants which would be too small for fuel-refining units.

As your sole supplier, Diesel Service assumes full responsibility for all aspects of treating your fuel; it simplifies after-sales administration and gives your company a single point of contact.