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Diesel Service’s ClearTank service constitutes the perfect solution to clean contaminated fuel. However, this fuel will not remain clean for a long time. Only Diesel Defence preserves it, ready for use.

Diesel Defence units protect stored diesel sustainably

Your stored fuel continues to be attacked. It gets particles and impurities in it, which are present in the atmosphere. Rust breaks away from the tank’s inside walls. Water gets in through ventilation openings and during deliveries. Bacteria multiply while the water content increases. To sum up, the biodiesel deteriorates if it is not maintained.

Diesel Service’s Diesel Defence units preserve the quality of your stored fuel:

  • Filtering in one single or in several steps eliminates solid and microbial contamination, up to 6 microns as a maximum.
  • Water is extracted using efficient and bespoke filters for Diesel-Defence units.
  • The fuel circulates in the tank to remove contamination pockets which are formed in the stagnant diesel.
  • The process is managed from a personalised touchscreen screen, which needs no specific knowledge.
  • Alerts can be sent directly to your Building (Technical) Management System (BMS).
  • The fuel is preserved to exceed cleanliness criteria 18/16/13 of the ISO 4406 standard and the 200ppm water content required by EN590.

We recommend treating large storage tanks with fixed Diesel-Defence systems. Smaller everyday tanks can be treated with a mobile Diesel Defence truck.

To receive detailed information about Diesel Service’s Diesel-Defence refiners, please contact one of our advisors.

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